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The Women of the new Battlestar Galactica
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Well Behaved Women Rarely Make History
by community member musical_statues

Both the characters and the actors.
The women of BSG might “just” be fictional characters to some, but for us -- these are women who motivate our muse and inspire our psyche. Not to mention they stretch the boundaries of scifi leading ladies beyond what was once relegated to mini-skirts and pretty hair. We love them, we love to talk about them, make icons, write stories -- you name it. And will we talk about the villains? You bet! We just love to hate these women, and sometimes we just plain love them. With BSG, it’s even easier because we have Boomer, Six, and blissfully chaotic angst! And if you love this show and these women, then we know you probably feel the same way about the talented actors who portray them!

What will this group be/do/discuss/inspire?!
We plan on having this group be a little bit of everything related to the women of Battlestar Galactica. Episode discussions, icons, graphics, fiction links, drabbles, graphics and of course contests. We plan to start out with one contest/challenge a month and we have a few ideas already lined up. If all involved want more – we’ll gladly up the pace! Thus far there are only two rules:
1. Keep it friendly! No flaming for any reason.
2. Keep spoilers behind an lj-cut

Who started this community?
This group was inspired in part by the success of stargate_women. Two of the three initial moderators for this group launched that community. It all started because zephyrrs wandered over and discovered ehab_it and loved her starbuck banner entitled, “Her tell.” Then, sagey1899 made an icon at zeph’s request. Before you knew it the inspiration to make a counterpart to the stargate_women community was born. We have the creative mind of ehab_it to credit for our glorious banner and sagey1899 for our animated icon of the five ladies most featured in season one. Then, lornyloo also hopped on board to help out with design.

The memories are so far behind its impossible for the mods to catch up. Let zephyrrs know if you want to help with the backlog and/or other mod duties. We'd love the help!

Where do all the BSG_Women on our friends list live? Add your location to our map!(If you want to find out your latitude & longitude, I found this nifty map site. Username:

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